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Mino Monsters 2 Evolution was the much anticipated sequel of Mino Monsters. The game has been improved immensely from the original bearing new features such as the ability to evolve your monsters. Minos will undergo evolution and change forms to become powerful monsters that are invincible in battles. Like that wasn’t enough already, the developers have improved the quality of animation giving the user a heightened game experience. You can play it on a personal computer (PC) or a mobile device. It is simple, decent and a highly addictive game that involves a series of battles, quests and PvP where you battle other players for coins and ranks on the leaderboard.
The goal of the game is to use candy to collect Mino Monsters, boost their abilities, and then fight off the Grublings from your island in epic battles. The player uses gems, coins and keys to improve the capabilities of his team of Minos and consequently launch more vicious attacks and exert as much damage to the enemy as possible. Oftentimes, the supply of these tools of play (gems, coins and keys) diminishes from the monster chests and dragon chests thereby crippling play. That’s when you need the Mino Monsters 2 Evolution Hack to continue with your game. It eliminates the need of buying extra coins and gems from the Mino Monsters 2 Evolution game stores.


Mino Monsters 2 Evolution Hack provides you with a variety of features that can extend your monster-collecting fun to limitless possibilities. All these features are available for all types of mobile devices: both phones and tablets, and PCs. These hacks work perfectly fine without any error.
The following hacks are compatible with android devices, windows devices, ipads and iphones.
These cheats are appropriate for use because they link very well with your game account to boost your gaming experience. You can collect all guardian and epic Minos, increase their level to maximum and furnish them with awesome items using the Mino Monsters 2 Hack. . These features enable you to collect all the Guardian Stones, and ask for help from all the Guardians from the Water Island, Earth Island and Fire Island. You do not need rooting for the hacks to work. Neither will you need to jailbreak your several devices.


The following are Mino Monsters 2 Evolution Hack features for Android, windows, iOS devices and PCs.

Unlimited Gems
You cannot stop playing Mino Monsters 2 Evolution just because you ran out of gems. The supply is infinite. The Gems are needed to open the different chests that comprise the Dragon Chest, Monster Chest and Item chest. These cheats hold items and Minos of all levels classified as common, rare, mega or epic. Moreover, you can use gems to replenish keys when they reduce in number.

Unlimited Coins
The coins are needed to increase the level of monsters. Using them, you can level up the monsters up to level 70, which is the highest level. It is also possible to max the level of your team of Minos and arm them with items to improve their statistics and abilities and increase the damage inflicted upon your enemies.
They are also used to buy additional items that you may need from the shop.

Unlimited Keys
The keys are used to open the chests. The chests contain rewards such as Minos and items. Each key can only open a chest once and gems are used to refill them.
Walkthrough or help guide
It is used to clear the quest or battle mode. It involves unlocking all the islands. Using this hack will get you more rewards and you will participate in more events. In addition, this hack will reveal the best locations on the maps for farming berries and evolution items. Berries spark off immediate evolution of Mino Monsters. Each monster requires a specific kind of berry and several are needed to improve its power, therefore finding the suitable berries is crucial for its evolution.

The working cheat or hack
This gets you Guardian Minos. The Guardian Minos are the most powerful monsters in the game. In case you don’t have enough coins and you need to max your Monsters to the highest level, this hack comes in handy.
Mino Monsters 2: Evolution Battling Strategy Guide
It contains a number of strategies for PvP arena battles (a game mode where you get to play with other players). This guide provides you with knowledge on how to use different monster skills and what skill combos work best.

The Dr. Stans Storage Rocket Pack
This great storage pack is available for purchase when you need extra space for storage. This hack contains an unlimited storage space, also called “Bag Space”. You also get an additional 100 gems along with it.
When you use the Mino Monsters 2 Evolution Hack, you will have a commanding influence on PvP, events and quest battles. You will finish all the events in both the Metal Island and Gemstone Island.


There are instructions provided on the guide that have enough detail for you to follow.

Free shopping or Store Mod
This tool enables free purchase of Monster chests, Dragon chests and Item Chests. These chests hold rare, mega and epic Minos or Monsters, Items and accompanying equips. You can replenish your gaming resources whenever they reduce without any limits. The choice is yours about how much you will need.
Some Mino Monsters 2 Evolution Hack tools have been specifically designed to work online. These hacks are customized for online play and some providers create their hacks online and you won’t have to download any of them for use. But your game account must be linked with the online account you create for these hacks to work.

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